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"BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MEN?!" - Is Feminism Sexist? by marinashutup






STILL relevant.

As fuck.

*all women

Malcolm X gave zero fucks about white women. They got him arrested and he sure as hell didn’t want them involved in the movement. 

The fact that you, a blatant worshipper of white women and white women only, feel the need to derail a post about women who are undeniably at the bottom of the totem pole to make it all about you and the only women you deem worthy to care about just proves his fucking point.

When a post is about BLACK WOMEN, keep your misogynoir riddled, colonizing hands off of it.

When you compare the lived experience of Black women & white women, there is a STARK contrast between the two. White women are marginalized, yes, but Black women are EVEN MORE marginalized. They’ve got the double barreled oppressions of female AND Black. And thanks to structural racism, they’re ALSO more likely to be living in poverty which is another big negative thing.

Erasing the fragile status of Black women by insisting that OH GOSH NO ALL WOMEN ARE THE SAME is ignorant and hateful. It willfully ignores the vast differences in the treatment of women based on race, economic status, sexuality, whether they’re trans or cis, etc. It’s a really shitty thing to do. And if your knee jerk reaction to these kinds of posts is to center them on YOURSELF please take a good long look at why you do that, why you’re so quick to erase the actual gulf of difference in the lives of white women & women of color, why you’re so quick to diminish those lived and real differences.

Fellow white women, I know shit sucks for us sometimes (most times), but it’s NOT OKAY to refocus discussions about the plights of black women so that we are centred. Life is dramatically more difficult as a black woman than it is for us.

Let’s compare this habit to another example we’ve all encountered: when a man derails a conversation a conversation about women’s rights so that men (and their problems) are centred in it. How do you feel when that happens? Do you suddenly remember that men sometimes have a hard time too and feel guilty that we’re monopolising the conversation for .3 seconds? No? Of course not! He’s just detracting from OUR issues and he’s doing it because he doesn’t really believe our situation is worse than his own.

When you jump into a conversation about misogynoir, you’re being that guy. You’re saying that the experiences, the struggles of black women aren’t worse than our own. You’re denying that they make less money, have a harder time getting a well paying (or any) job, have less access to social services, have higher infant and maternal mortality rates, and disproportionally endure violence from men. That’s exactly what you’re doing.

So stop. We don’t want men derailing us because it makes them jerks and sets back our cause, so don’t do that exact thing to black women. We need to be dismantling our own compliance with structures that marginalise them, not pretending that we’re all suffering the same way. Because we’re not.

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Welllll….a catalyst. It’s hardly that simple.

Ahh. Memories.

"Excuse me. Do you know how offensive that is? Did your parents teach you no manners? Good day, sir.


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Lawyers for two Guantanamo Bay detainees cited the Hobby Lobby decision to argue for their clients’ rights to perform prayers during Ramadan. However, federal courts have argued that the detainees didn’t qualify as persons under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Wow.

Just leaving this here.

Corporations? People.
Detainees? Not people.
People with a uterus? Not people.


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No explanation needed.



Woman now you should be angry even more. We need every woman to vote. The Senate, all GOP refused to undo #SCOTUS
#NotMyBossBusiness ruling.

We just need to make sure we don’t wind up replacing these five Justices with someone worse — which means keeping the White House and the Senate blue.

Which means VOTING.

Nov. 4, 2014. Do it.

a game of stark children not listening to their fucking mother

Listen to your mother, kids.

Unless she’s my mother. Then don’t listen to anything that awful woman says and instead celebrate 7 years since you’ve spoken to her.

So there’s some flexibility there.

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